Leader in Private Label

Original brands

To meet the expectations and needs of our clients, Millano Group bolstered its offer with ORIGINAL BRANDS, i.e. chocolate products to meet the needs of trade partners.

Thanks to our consumers’ trust, we have become the largest producer and supplier of products bearing the brands of store chains such as:

Biedronka, Intermarche, Aldi, Leclerc, Auchan, Metro, Netto, which are sold not only in the domestic market but also outside of Poland, including the American, Asian and European markets.

Thanks to three production plants and independent, advanced technology lines, we are able to offer our trade Partners:

  • a broad assortment of chocolate confectionery, including hard chocolate with various additions and fillings, boxes of chocolates with filled pralines, filled chocolate bars, chocolate ‘cat tongues’, eggs, balls and many others
  • a wide variety of candy: fudge candy, hard caramels, sparkling caramels, chocolate-glazed toffee and more
  • jelly and jellies in numerous flavors and forms
  • original, personalized packaging designs
  • dark, white and milk chocolate with various fillings - from the traditional nut, strawberry and coffee fillings to mojito, lime with mint and papaya;
  • mass produced in compliance with UTZ, RSPO, Fair Trade, ISO 22000 certificates
  • various packagings: foil, cartons, cans, labels
  • product delivery reaching the farthest corners of the world

Your brand on our product

Solid chocolate tablet 5g
Solid chocolate tablet 5g
Solid chocolate tablet 15g
Solid chocolate tablet 21g
Filled chocolate tablet 31,5g
Solid chocolate tablet 50g
Solid chocolate tablet SLIM 100g
Aerated chocolate tablet 75g
Solid filled chocolate tablet 100g
Solid chocolate tablet with whole nuts 100g
Solid filled chocolate tablet 100g
Aerated chocolate tablet 160g
Solid chocolate tablet 220g, 250g, 300g
Candy bar 12,5g
Candy bar 18,2g
Candy bar 42g
Small pralines
Chocolate egg
Small chocolate egg
Chocolate Ball
Medium chocolate ball
Medium chocolate ball
Small chocolate ball
Round chocolate candy 5g/10g
Chocolate figurine
Cat's tongue
Tray with baronetta praline
Baronetta praline
Bar 37g
Chocolate bar
Cups 20g
Makarena 15g
Makarena 200g
Marshmallow 11g
Heart 11g
Heart 12g
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